Baner Road – Your Gateway to an Affluent Life

Baner Road – Your Gateway to an Affluent Life

A little more than a decade ago, Baner Road was merely a long stretch of uneven road, comprising of hamlets, a handful of bungalows and some apartment buildings. The road was not entirely developed and accessing the Mumbai-Bangalore highway implied traversing through much of the city’s fringe developments in the west that lacked civic infrastructure. Around the same time, the development of Hinjewadi as Pune’s IT hub began to serve as an impetus, resulting in the expansion and growth of new neighbourhoods in the west of Pune. Aundh was one of the first neighbourhoods to gain from the IT boom and witnessed a surging demand for housing and infrastructure. Baner, located adjacent to Aundh was perfect for the spill-over demand that Aundh was unable to cater to, and thus began the story of Baner’s expansion.

One of the major advantages that Baner Road poses is the accessibility it provides to the Mumbai-Bangalore Expressway. At the time of the IT boom, Baner served as a suitable residential destination especially for those in the IT sector. Over the years the locality developed and underwent substantial infrastructural development and now is easily regarded as a preferred investment destination for HNIs, NRIs and luxury home seekers for end use as well as for creating a valuable asset with suitable ROIs.

We list out some of the reasons as to why Baner scores high on our list of favoured neighbourhoods in Pune in addition to being a favoured locality for luxury home buyers:


Great Connectivity: The fact that the entire length of Baner road eventually connects to the Mumbai-Bangalore expressway has made Baner a preferred destination, especially for many HNI investors residing in Mumbai. This, in addition to leading to a spurt in trade and business activity in the region owing to the proximity of the expressway and relatively lower operational costs as compared to Mumbai. Flanked by other up-market neighbourhoods such as Aundh, Pashan and the now emerging Balewadi, Baner offers excellent connectivity and has been responsible in enhancing the real estate market in the west of Pune and raising the bar in respect to the superior quality of construction and infrastructure here.

Social Infrastructure: With the development of residential as well as commercial establishments, IT parks and offices, the quality of environmental and social infrastructure has been constantly improving in this region. According to PropTiger, Baner scores 91 out of 100 on the liveability scale. Despite the large-scale construction activity in the region, the locality is also surrounded by a fairly large green cover; the proposed Baner-Pashan Biodiversity Park will cover a huge expanse of 200 acres once complete and will encompass the hills of Baner and Pashan. In terms of social infrastructure, the region enjoys the presence of many restaurants and clubs and entertainment destinations that have transformed Baner into a self-sufficient neighbourhood.

Quality Construction: Infrastructural development goes hand in hand with real estate development. Baner offers a plethora of residential options to discerning buyers, with focus on quality construction and state-of-the-art amenities, open spaces, family areas, shopping, restaurants, etc. that feature on the investors’ lists of leading a gratifying and full-filled lifestyle. Imperial Atria is one such upcoming luxury residential project that offers investors 2 and 3-bedroom residences that have been crafted to perfection. Additionally, the project also lays emphasis on the very stable retail and business market in this neighbourhood and presents Imperial Premium Retail Spaces that will offer the best of commercial spaces.

Pune is now on the path to being developed as a smart city, with Baner and Balewadi along with Aundh being chosen for the pilot phase. The efforts being ploughed in are naturally set to transform Baner along into a self-sustaining locale, equipped with great civic and social infrastructure, making Baner a safe destination to invest in.

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